Spectator Safety


Although we have not reached our minimum entry, the organisers decision is that the event will go ahead!”

Spectator ADVICE

REMEMBER cars not only slide around corners, they send a shower of stones and rocks out behind them as the power goes on. If you are in the firing line you can get hurt so stand where you are safe.

The Spectator Control car will come through the stages about 20 minutes ahead of the competitors to keep you informed as to the progress of the rally. Be aware that if you, or others, are in an unsafe position, or continuing to ignore the marshals instructions, the Safety Officer has the authority to delay the stage, and in an extreme situation, request its cancellation.

The MSA provide general guidance as to the unsafe areas where spectators should not position themselves.

Don’t: Always: Be Sure That: Please protect:
Stand on the track Expect the unexpected The unexpected can happen Yourself
Stand below the level of the track Listen for approaching cars If you ignore Marshals instructions… Others around you
Stand in front of arrows or signs Remain alert …the stage will be stopped  This Stage
Stand in Prohibited Areas Leave yourself room to move quickly  Rallying
Stand or sit on or near log piles, walls or fences Try to keep behind something solid Motor Sport
Sit close to the edge of the track Keep children under supervision
Block escape routes Keep dogs on a lead
Be distracted  Do as the Marshals ask